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Enhanced access/out of hours – extended appointment hours

From 1st October we will be accessible to patients for longer hours. Additional appointments have been added on weeknights from 6:30pm to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. Appointments can be accessed either at Summerfield Health Centre or The Maltings Surgery. If you require an appointment at The Maltings please contact their reception team directly.

Please book your Summerfield Health Centre appointment online using the Patient Access or NHS app. You will be prompted to select the appointment type first (Phlebotomy / ANP / GP face to face / GP telephone / Nurse face to face / Physio face to face) and then available dates and times will be shown.

Who to book with?



Advanced Nurse Practitioner

HRT – checks and reviews

Implants – fitment / removal

GP (face to face)

Baby illness

Chest infection

Cough or cold lasting more than 3 weeks

Ear infection

Gynaecological problems


Respiratory illness

Skin conditions eg. eczema

Sudden onset of illness

GP (telephone)

Gastrointestinal problems

HRT – new queries

Medication review

Pain relief

Test results


Practice Nurse (face to face):

B12 injection                                                                                                     

BP Check  

Cervical cytology (smear)

Decapeptyl injection

Denosunab injection

DepoProvera injection


Hypertension review

MMR injection (adults)

NHS Health Check

Pill Check

Pneumo vaccination

Removal of stitches

Shingles vaccination

Stocking measurements


Tetanus injection

Wound care

Whooping Cough vaccination

Zoladex injection

Physio (face to face)

Joint pain

Muscle spasms

Musculoskeletal disorders