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First Contact Physios here at Summerfield Health Centre

First contact physios differ to other physios in that they see patients who have not been screened or triaged by someone else first – for example a GP, a rheumatologist or an orthopaedic surgeon. For this reason, you might find some of their questions not particularly relevant to your specific problem but they are just trying to be safe and screen out any potentially sinister causes for your problem.

They are experts at assessing, diagnosing your problem and also advising exercises and other health prompts to help you. If needed, they can organise further scans and other tests to help with diagnosis. They can also refer on, should you need further specialist support or have a health care need best suited to be managed by your GP.

In short, our First Contact Physios are best placed to manage your musculoskeletal problems in a local setting if you are over 16 years old. Call reception for an appointment soon.