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You asked and we listened…

Following some concerns from neighbours that were brought to our attention after we moved into our new premises on Caledon Road we would like to share some information with you.

Windows overlooking residential properties

It was mentioned to us that some residents are concerned that our windows overlook their gardens and homes. We would like to assure all our neighbours that we do make use of blinds on windows that overlook neighbouring properties. The only windows where blinds are not in use are on the stairwell where the windows are situated well above eye level. No desks that are in use face towards windows, and the majority of our time is spent either treating patients or completing work on computers which again are not placed to encourage a line of sight out of the window. Our team is regularly reminded to respect the privacy of our neighbours.

Cleaners working hours

It was mentioned to us that cleaners visit our buildings late at night and that this causes disturbance to the neighbours. Our cleaning service is contracted to a professional cleaning company and has to be completed after hours once our practice staff have left the building. We have asked the cleaning company that their staff attend as early in the evening as possible to not cause any disturbance to our neighbours. On most occasions cleaning is completed by 9pm. They have a strict list of cleaning standards to adhere to, to ensure that we meet CQC requirements for standards of cleanliness, so are required to be on site for a few hours each evening.

Lights on after hours

It was mentioned to us that the lights in our building are left on all night. Our lighting system is activated and triggered by movement. Once all staff and cleaners have left the building the only light that remains on is on the stairwell. This is emergency lighting that has been installed to meet fire safety regulations. Unfortunately there is no light switch for this to be turned off by ourselves.

Car park lighting

It was mentioned to us that the lighting in the car park is too bright and remains on all night. Although the car park is used by our building and the community centre next door it is owned and managed by the council. Unfortunately we have no means of controlling the lighting in this area.

We really do want to serve the community and co-exist harmoniously with our neighbours. We trust that all issues have been addressed. Any future concerns can be shared with the Practice Manager Angela Geldenhuys via the email address: [email protected]